Would You Mind Me Telling You What I do With My Computer?

“Do you have a Facebook account?”

I am doing driving license practice. My teacher is a decent young man. On one of my practice day, the rain poured down highly and we were not able to continue our practice. So we took our car to parking….Just right there I heard a voice inside of me that I need to tell (the driving instructor) Mickias about JESUS. But I was not sure where to start. I was looking for some connection point to change the conversation into evangelism.

I just said to him, “Do you have a Facebook account?”, he said “Yes” and we continued to talking about it. Then I took out my Mac book pro laptop and I asked him, “Would you mind me telling you what I do with this Computer?” He became excited…Long history short… I said to him “I share God’s love via this Computer to many people. I am not sure if my wireless internet connection will be working but let me tell you about the 4 spiritual laws in Amharic.” Surprisingly, my wireless connection was activated just a few hours before this conversation … I was able to load www.4laws.com in Amharic. We went through all the pages and Mickias prayed to receive JESUS Christ right in the car. When we left the driving school we were the last one to leave.

The Holy Spirit controlled all things that I was able to go through all the 4laws. Praise God about this…AMEN I am so excited about it.

The message of Jesus Christ still change life, and we have to know how to approach this dynamic and online generation. The message is not changed but the means we share our faith to youth like Mickias shall be attractive enough for them to hear the Gospel.

Do you ask yourself what I am going to do with my computer or your smart phone in sharing the good news? I encourage you to be an Online Missionary in EveryStudent.com or Global Media Outreach. And use your computer well for kingdom work. Or install God Tools Apps on your smart phone or iPad and use it to share your faith to others anytime.

How you can get the God Tools app
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, go to the Apple App store and search forGod Tools. Look for the icon.
  • If you have an Android-based phone, go to the Android Market and search for God Tools. Look for the icon.
Miheret serves on staff with Cru overseas. Click here to follow him on Twitter. Click here to read his blog.

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